Online Nursing Degree Programs

Online Nursing Degree Programs: The Option for Busy, Working Students

The University of Phoenix Online Nursing programs are part of other fields that can be studied at this largest private university in the United States. Majority of those who are already working, but are keen in pursuing their education, consider taking up online courses.

The healthcare industry, which is rapidly expanding and consistently in need of practitioners like nurses, is expected to grow over 27% by year 2014. The Registered Nurse is the healthcare career that is highest in demand and currently accounts for about 2.4 million jobs in the United States.

You can obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Phoenix (UoP) – one of the largest providers of professional nursing programs in the country. Their roster of graduate nursing programs include degree programs for nursing practitioners, for nurses who want to teach, and for nurses who would like to get into business management in health care.

Students of UoP can take the online classes to complete the degree program or take combination of online classes and onsite classes at any of the local learning centers of UoP. This flexibility allows the working student to still achieve his goals in terms of educational attainment.

Online courses are convenient because the programs do not require the students to attend the classes in the actual campus. The traditional way of earning degrees in schools may be a difficult option for reasons like costs and conflict of schedule with work. Through the University of Phoenix Online Nursing Programs, many of those who would like to obtain more in their careers can consider going into health care and building a promising career.

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The Different Types of Nursing Programs

The Different Types of Nursing Programs

Nursing Education is not limited, in fact almost every universities and colleges offer Bachelor of Science in Nursing since a lot of people get sick everyday and a many of them get confined in hospitals and nursing homes for medical attention.

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If you want to work as a nurse in hospitals and not just houses for care giving, then you should get a diploma that will allow and certify you to work in hospitals. Nowadays, those people who want to work in hospitals as a nurse get registered. They take a nursing licensure exam and if they pass they get to be a registered Nurse. Registered nurses are the ones who assist doctors and manage equipments in the hospitals; their task is not just limited to care giving alone. Most of the time, only those who have studied a four-year college program in nursing gets to pass the licensure examination for registered nurses so be sure you have the proper nursing education to back you up.
If you want to go farther with your nursing education, I suggest you take up a masters program in the fields of nursing so that you can be an advanced practice registered nurse. This means you are able to specialize in a certain field therefore attaining levels such as Certified Nurse Midwife, Certified Nurse Specialist for Psychiatric/Mental Health, and a lot more.

If you have to heart in giving care to other people, then taking the different nursing programs will probably do your career good.

The Different Levels of Nursing Practice

The Different Levels of Nursing Practice

We all know that health care has always been in demand in our society due to aging. People need to be taken care of especially when they get old and dependent to other people who can aid them daily. It would be hard to walk alone when you’re 85; people who get sick and old seek attention and help. Nursing have become a growing profession nowadays that is why a lot of college students are taking Bachelor of Science in Nursing as their course to qualify in the different levels of nursing practice they have to undergo.

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There are four (4) levels of nursing practice. The first and easiest to attain is to be a certified nursing assistant or CNA, however if you’re just a certified nursing assistant, your job description is very limited; you can’t even be an assistant of a doctor in the hospital. Sometimes you are even referred to as a nurse’s aid. More or less, what nursing aids do is to bathe the patients, dress them, clean them, and help them walk to the bathroom, etc. Their task is very basic.
The next level is the Licensed Practical Nurses and the Licensed Vocational nurses. In this level, the nurse still does the same task as those of a certified nursing assistant however LPNs or LVNs can analyze the patient’s condition whether it is improving or worsening.
The higher level to LPNs and LVNs are the Registered Nurses or RNs. They are the ones assisting the doctor in the hospital. Besides having the capacity to do all the tasks that are assigned to CNAs, LPNs, and LVNs, registered nurses can operate the machines in the hospitals they are assigned to.
The highest among the levels of nursing practice is the Advanced Practice Registered Nurses or APRNs. These people have certain specialties like CRNA or certified registered nurse anesthetist, CNM or certified Nurse Midwife, and a lot more.

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