RE: HESI Admission Assessment Test for Nursing School

HESI Admission Assessment Test for Nursing School

I took the Hesi Entrance Exam back in February. I would definitely invest in the study guide I got it for around $25.00 and it was helpful. Here is the breakdown for the sections I was required to take:

Math/score 90%:This section was dead on with the study guide. As long as you go through the entire section, do all practice problems, memorize your conversion chart, roman numerals, military times, and how to set up proportions from a word problem you will be fine.

Overview of the Exam

There are 5 mandatory sections in the Assessment (A2) exam:

1. Math (50 item)
2. Reading Comprehension (31 item)
3. Vocabulary & General Knowledge (50 item)
4. Grammar (50 item)
5. Chemistry (20 item)

Optional Assessments:
6. Learning Style (14 item)
7. Personality Style (15 item)
8. Behavioral Inventory (56 item)

Website for sample test and on-line ordering of the HESI Admission Assessment Study Guide:
Vocabulary/score 75%: This section contained words straight from the vocabulary section of the book. Make sure you look over these.

Grammar/score 94%: The grammar section was basically a sentence and you have to choose the word that does not belong. Ex. My name are Kathy. The sentence should read My name is Kathy. The wrong word used is are.

Reading/score 93%: This section was a little tricky. Just take your time with this section, some of the answers seemed to be tricky. Always look back at the paragraph to confirm your answer.

Anatomy & Physiology/score75%: In my opinion this section was nothing like the study guide! Some of the questions I knew and some I just guessed.

Hope this helps good luck.

Preparing for the NCLEX – NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Examinations

A lot of nurse students and people who currently have nursing degrees but face them selves coming up on the NCLEX-RN and/or NCLEX-PN Examinations should avoid costly review sites and programs and stick to just studying the available practice material as much as possible. Many of those who have recently completed the NCLEX-RN and/or NCLEX-PN Examinations have found that the best practice, has come from self study rather than the reviews of NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Examinations.

If you are about to relocate it is important to study where you are, and test there first, this will reduce any information being lost and help focus on your current studies. There is a great amount of stress associated with the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Examinations but the most important thing to know is that you have prepared for this throughout your career and/or studies.

NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Examinations Procedure:The application for licensure by examination includes a question about need for
More specific information is sent to individuals on request or when an applicant responds
“yes” to special accommodations on the application.
A written request for accommodation is made by the applicant and includes the reason for
accommodation, what accommodations are requested, the preferred time period for testing,
and the preferred test center.
The applicant arranges for two supporting documents to be sent to the Board – 1) a letter
from an appropriate medical professional confirming the disability and diagnosis, and
identifying the special accommodations that are needed; and 2) a letter from the applicants
nursing program indicating what accommodations, if any, were granted by the program.
Board staff reviews the documentation and determines whether the requested
accommodation is sufficiently supported, e.g. the diagnosis is appropriate to ADA, and the
accommodation is appropriate to the diagnosis.
Board staff who are responsible for review and approval or processing the application for
accommodation are thoroughly familiar with and follow any specific instructions in the
NCLEX™ Manual, Tab 5.
When approved, the intention to request special accommodation is entered into the
individual’s record in MBOS. This entry triggers MBOS to print an NCLEX Modification
Request Form. Staff completes this form and faxes it to NCSBN for review and approval (for
test security and psychometric soundness).
NCSBN notifies the testing service of the approved accommodation.
The applicant receives an authorization packet with instructions for scheduling the day and
time of the test.
References: NCLEX Manual, Tab 5, pages 1-14
Authority for approval: OAR 851-31-0010
Policy History: Adopted August 1997, reviewed and modified January 2002
Review by: August, 2002