Becoming a Nurse

In order to start your career change into becoming a nurse, you must first have a high school diploma or GED. Hopefully, you were able to focus most of your high school classes on algebra, biology, chemistry, and physics, or any other health related classes. This will help you as you start a college career in nursing.

First thing’s first – you will have to pass an entrance exam. This gets you into a nursing school or other college – it helps to determine what your level is in english, math and other subjects and helps your counselors guide your future education.

Right now, there are generally 3 ways by which you can become a registered nurse. One way is to get a four year Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which is offered at most traditional colleges. Another way is to get an Associate Degree in Nursing, which can be found at most community colleges and vocational schools. The last way is not used very often and has you join a hospital diploma plan. This plan allows you to study nursing for several years with other nurses and nurse instructors.

An LPN is different – rather than 2-4 years, it only takes about a year of study to complete and then a certification. Read more about becoming a nurse with the articles below.