Study Guide for Certified Dental Assistant Exams

When it comes to being a Dental Assistant, someone who has passed the DANB RDA exam always gets elevated in the professions eyes. This can be pay, job opportunities, or merely qualification, so try to pass the RDA exam!

This exam guide, Review Questions and Answers for Dental Assisting by Mosby, covers the profession in severe detail. It even goes into the mundane questions you may need to know, like which teeth has five cusps, amelogenesis, radiography, some legal, and infection control. You can be the best Dental Assistant your boss has ever had by knowing these things.

It’s a handy book even if you’ve already passed the RDA exam, simply because it’s a great reference guide if you need to turn back to something for work.

The study guide goes into all three simulated Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) exams, in individual sections with practice questions, and cover the same sections as the tests: General Chairside, Infection Control, Radiation Health, and Safety. There are pictures and illustrations to help the visual learners, and there are rationales for correct and incorrect answers. A CD comes with the book so that you can familiarize yourself with computer-based testing. The CD also has state-specific exam questions as well.

Review Questions and Answers for Dental Assisting

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Here is a review left by a Dental Assistant on

I’m studying for the California RDA exam (not the same as the DANB RDA exam), and my background is strictly two years of on-the-job training. I did not attend dental assisting classes, but learned everything on the job. Needless to say, when you learn on the job, you don’t learn things outside of the scope of your office’s practice, so this is a great source of “catch-up” information.

I’m finding the questions hard– because it requires you to know a little anatomy (which teeth have 5 cusps, of which 3 are on the buccal, and 2 roots), medical terms (amelogenesis, exogenous, granuloma,osteitis), radiography (insufficient KvP causes what problems on films?), a little OSHA (what’s the purpose of MSDS?), a little chemistry, a little legal, and a LOT of infection control. This book teaches you many things you wouldn’t learn on the job, because your dentist might be old-school, cutting corners, or just not up-to-date on OSHA… or you just didn’t need to know it because your office equipment was already set up(like what temperature and pressure are needed to sterilize wrapped instruments).

I love the format of this book– no fluff, no lengthy text. It’s pure brass tacks. This book is strictly questions with 4 multiple-choice answers, and answers with explanation. I recommend, in addition to this book, a good dental dictionary that will help you with the vocabulary that the book doesn’t explain. The book tends to explain the correct answer, and sometimes doesn’t explain the incorrect answers.

I highly recommend this book.

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