Professional Registered Nurse Education

nurseProfessional Registered Nurse Education

There are various educational routes for becoming a professional registered nurse (RN). Initially, hospital schools of nursing were developed to educate nurses to work within those institutions. As nursing increasingly defined its own body of knowledge, formalized education processes were introduced to ensure a consistent level of education in institutions. Such consistency was also necessary for RN licensure.

Currently, the most frequent route you can choose to become a licensed nurse is through completion of an associate degree or baccalaureate degree program. Graduates of both programs are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) to become registered nurses in the state in which they will practice.

The associate degree program is a two-year program that is usually offered by a university or junior college. It focuses on the basic sciences and theoretical and clinical courses related to the practice of nursing. Graduates of this program take the state board examination for RN licensure.

The baccalaureate degree program usually encompasses four years of study in a college or university. The program focuses on the basic sciences and on theoretical and clinical courses, as well as courses in the social sciences, arts and humanities to support nursing theory.

The four-year degree program prepares you for essential knowledge, practice and values, personal qualities and professional behavior for the baccalaureate-educated nurse. A professional registered nurse agrees that nursing education is important to practice and that it must respond to changes in health care provided by scientific and technological advances.

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General Salary of Nurses in America

Salary of Nurses in America

Same as many professions, professionals do not imagine the cash they shall acquire once they engage a specific profession most of the time. Although, we have to confront the fact, that, it matters. In addition, most career arenas have an individual’s salary hinges upon particular aspects. On might be incurring more bountiful earnings compared to his/her friend is acquiring from a different location. This issue can be applied even in the domain of nursing.

Nursing Pay Counts

For a RN employed in the United States, the normal nursing wage is a bit more than $ 41, 000 annually. Nurses with more than 3 years of work experience will be earning more than $ 46, 000, while entry level nurses are getting approximately $40, 000 per annum. It also depends on the placement. The regular pay for nurses could go up to $ 70, 000 annually. Nevertheless, you should acknowledge that an average nursing earning can be determined by the demands and capacities of a community, work schedule, training, skills, and experience.

In the hospital set up, the normal nursing pay is also impacted depending upon the field of specialty. Furthermore, working for several health institutions with another specialization may as well have a different income. The least yearly average salary you will be able to incur is not lower than $ 33,000 and extends up to $ 65, 500 or further.

In the by the hour compensated RNs, fluctuation on the rates is present. Depending on the need of a nurse’s area of expertise and type of duties the nurse is tasked upon, the rate could go up so much higher. The nurse in the entry level pay hourly is around $17.00 to $19.00. Based on hospital bed capacity, institutions having greater than 500 bed capacity, the potential typical nurse income at a per hour charge will reach $ 20.00.

Nurse Jobs Pay Varies

Basing upon the array of the nurse’s earning, it is undeniable that wage of RN is contingent on numerous constituents, such as nurses training, the kind of hospital you are employed in, your placement, and your work location.

Nurses Salary Information

Many nurses are employed on an hourly rate, which is overall a benefit to many nurses as there is often so much overtime available. The salary or hourly rate that is paid to a registered nurse can vary from state to state, we are going to go over the hourly wages of nurses in various states to help demonstrate the difference in pay from one state to another.

Salary Information

  • California Nurses Hourly Rate: $31.88
  • Florida Nurses Hourly Rate: $23.26
  • Georgia Nurses Hourly Rate: $23.83
  • Illinois Nurses Hourly Rate: $25.00
  • Pennsylvania Nurses Hourly Rate: $25.00
  • Tennessee Nurses Hourly Rate: $22.25
  • Texas Nurses Hourly Rate: $25.00

These rates are all based on an average of all nurses who were polled and all institutions that reported to help come up with our totals but can clearly demonstrate that nurses pay is relative to the cost of living in any given area.

Nursing Salary will depend on schooling and experience

Additionally in 2006 the US Census Bureau’s national survey showed that a RN (registered nurse) can earn on average $15k more year that an LPN (licensed practical nurse). This is a huge earning opportunity for any LPN that has 15 years or more till retirement. For example if you are an LPN nurse, with 15 years till retirement, that increase in pay translates to over $225,000 in additional salary, and thats not including any increase in pay for cost of living increases or advancement in the hospital.

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