Nursing Assistant Exam Study Aide

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) usually works under an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or RN (Registered Nurse), but there is still an exam to pass before earning a job in the field.

Usually, CNAs can work in a variety of locations, like hospitals, adult day care centers, nursing homes, and personal homes. A CNA spends more time with a patient than an LPN or RN, so they need to have good people skills, able to listen to patient complaints as well as help in any way a patient may need.
Nursing Assistant/Nurse Aide Exam
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The Nursing Assistant/Nursing Aide Exam test preparation book is by Learning Express Editors, and is a guide customized to passing the NNAAP (Nurse Aide Assessment Program). The population is aging since the downfall of the baby-boom, keeping the job market for CNAs wide open. The certification exam ensures the hopeful nurse has the acquired foundation of knowledge for successfully aiding a patient through a time of crisis.

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CNA and STNA Study Guide

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) assists with patients under the guidance of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. They are also considered a Patient Care Assistant, Stated Tested Nurse, and Nursing Assistant, depending on the area.

The CNA test is best studied through the use of the class textbooks and through practice, practice, practice.

The basic advice given by nurses who passes the CNA exam gives these tips:

1) knock
2)introduce yourself/identify the patient
3)wash hands
4) explain the procedure
5)gather equipment
6)pull curtain
7) perform and talk

Good luck on your test!