Be a Licensed Practical Nurse and Get Paid High

Nursing is not a glamorous profession but it can give you a glamorous house. If you are a licensed practical nurse in the Philippines and you decide to work abroad since there are a lot of opening for nurses internationally, then you have the chance to earn thousands of dollars every year.
LPNs in the Philippines cannot be blamed if they want to work abroad since it is evident that the salary they can get when they work in the United States or other countries is much higher than the salary they are earning here in the Philippines since they will be earning dollars there. We all know that the Peso-dollar is not equal and to earn thousands of dollars will surely help the families of LPNs here in the Philippines live a glamorous lifestyle.

According to statistics last May 2006, the median annual earning of practical nurses ranges from $31,000 to $46,000. Some few lucky ones get to earn around $50,000! Imagine how many people you can help with that amount of money and how much you can increase your standard living.
Certainly, Filipinos who are LPNs cannot be judged for working abroad just because they left the country. It’s just because there are more opportunities present there and there might be people counting on them as provider for the family here in the Philippines. Money can do well to people who need it especially those who are on the brink of poverty.

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