Excelsior CPNE Exam Notes

The Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination is a skill based assessment exam to see a nursing student’s ability to demonstrate his/her skills and behavior at entry level associate-prepared nurse. The CPNE Exam provides the following:

• A one-on-one evaluation by a master’s or doctoral degree examiner trained to administer the exam
• Simulation of clinical situations
• Controlled and monitored examination experience for a fair and objective examination.

As a requirement to pass the nursing program, Excelsior College School of Nursing has been known to have excellent workshops to prepare for the CPNE. They have been also noted to be the leading school to offer workshops and comprehensive guides to prepare a nursing student for the CPNE Exam.
The Excelsior CPNE Exam has been known to be very hard, with only 50% passing rate. To pass it on the first try would garner you respect

Exam CPNE Struggle

from your fellow students. To most people, it would feel like you have already passed the NCLEX.

But the Excelsior CPNE Exam has been scrutinized by many people; almost all of them have taken the Excelsior CPNE Exam. There were many issues that had sprung out: biased examiners, they would fail you due to very minute detail that you did not do during the exam, being late for the exam were some of the complaints that had come out giving the Excelsior CPNE Exam both good and bad reputation for nursing students.

But still, everyone would agree that the CPNE Exam is very helpful to prepare student nurses for what they might encounter when they finally enter the workforce. Many would still attest that the programs made by Excelsior are very useful in their nursing career and the exam, though hard, has helped them become comfortable in working in the hospital.


2 Responses to “Excelsior CPNE Exam Notes”
  1. Viktoria says:

    Hi! I think it’s great you’re putting information out there about the CPNE. Yes, it’s a difficult exam but it’s totally doable if you just know exactly what is expected of you. Of course the more hands-on practice you can get the better chance you’re going to have. There’s some free videos at http://www.cpneworkshop.com that can help with studying.

  2. Rn2b says:

    Great resource!

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