How to Plan for a Successful Nursing Interview

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A registered nurse is considered a professional, with professional dress expected for the interview. Casual clothing, such as khakis and polo shirts, gives the impression that you do not take this interview seriously. A good rule of thumb is to wear what you would consider business attire.

For women, a suit with skirt, tailored pantsuit or a neat dress is appropriate for a nursing interview. For men, a neatly tailored shirt with tie, pants, and perhaps a sport coat would be appropriate to wear for a staff nurse position. It is best to dress conservatively rather than in a trendy manner. Makeup, perfume and jewelry should be minimal.

Nurse Interview Tips

Preparation for a successful nursing interview begins before you enter the building. The first step in putting your foot forward is to do a self-assessment. A self-assessment is sometimes difficult to do, as many of you do not really like to talk about yourselves and perceive it to be boastful. In an interview situation, however, you are expected to highlight your strengths and abilities.

You should now focus on the organization you want to enter. What is the organization all about? How is the organization viewed by the community, by the patients and their families, and by the health providers? What are the mission and values of the organization? Do they agree with your values?

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