Licensed Practical Nurses as Educators

If you think a licensed practical nurse or LPN can only do a little in the fields of nursing, you might be wrong by that. Aside from having the capacity to take care of sick and injured people, they know more than the basics of nursing. They can be trusted when it comes to giving injections and massages to patients, doing laboratory test, preparing the right food nutrition for their patients, and assisting high ranking nurses and physicians.

Did you know that LPNs can also be educators? LPNs have the capacity to educate families about proper health habits, especially families of their patients so that there is continues progression on the patient’s condition. Moreover, they can educate not just the proper health habits but also some nursing task that would be beneficial for families.

For licensed practical nurses who work in the clinic, they can be assigned to make appointments, keep records and perform other clerical duties. Once you’ve become an expert licensed practical nurse, you can now administer certified nursing assistants on their duties.

In a nursing care facility, licensed practical nurses assigned in hospitals work around 40 hours per week. They do not work on a day shift basis all the time since some patients need to be taken care of 24-hours everyday; some licensed practical nurses have night shift schedules. Also, their holidays can also be taken over by work just so they the patients are fully supervised.

It is not a glamorous work; however the job is very self-fulfilling considering the fact that you’re helping a lot of people live and get by.

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