LPN/LVN Study Reviews for NCLEX-PN

An LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is the same thing as an LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse), and in Canada, they are called RPN (registered practical nurse). An LPN works under the supervision of an RN (Registered Nurse).

LPNs assist in daily patient activities, like dressing, eating, exercising, and bathing—they all do vital sign measurements and, in some states, insertion of IVs. They may take more courses to be able to do obstetrics, psychiatry, pediatrics, and surgery/recovery.

To become an LPN/LVN, a nurse must earn a nursing degree and then pass the National Council Lincensure Examination (NCLEX-PN).

To study for the NCLEX-PN, many LPNs recommend Davis’s NCLEX-PN Review book, which includes a CD to make it easy to study on your computer. It includes alternative item format questions, reviews for all the fundamentals, and 1200 question bank.

Another book review for the NCLEX-PN is the Lippincott’s Review for NCLEX-PN by Timby, Camack, and Rupert. It contains over 2200 test questions in various reviews and comprehensive exams. There is a CD-ROM that has all the questions in an interactive format, making it easier to study.

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