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The Better Alternative for Finishing a Nursing Degree: Go Online

There is a shortage of nurses in the United States these days and that is what’s driving people to take courses in line with health care or nursing. The University of Phoenix Online Nursing Programs are great opportunities for those who are considering pursuing their careers in the health care industry, or shifting from another field – without having to leave their current work.

There are several reasons why there is a shortage of nurses. The major ones include: aging population in the US, the aging population of nurses, and the shift from doctors to skilled nurses in terms of delivery of health care services.

What this points to is that there’s high demand and more opportunities for nurses to advance if they have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree or something higher. Those who want to advance their careers and increase their salaries should complete their degrees. The problem for some is that their work schedule and budget do not allow them to go to the traditional schools.


That is where schools like the University of Phoenix (UoP) come in. This school started its online course offerings in 1989. The early Internet-based curricula offered by the UoP didn’t really get a lot of appreciation or consideration. Those days, the traditional campus degrees were the accepted means to complete a degree.

But soon as people realized how inconvenient it is to go from work to school mode every day, the online educational realm started to take shape to accommodate the growing niche market. Soon, people are enrolling and finishing their degrees without even sacrificing their time for their work during the day.

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