Nursing from an RV – Traveling Nurses

Some words from some full time traveling nurses on RV travel, and what its like to be full time on the road.

“My husband & I have been traveling for 7 years now. We are full timers. We love our life style. We live full time in a 36 foot 5th wheel. We no longer have a home, but do rent a duplex to store what little we have left and that also gives us a legal home base for tax free subsidy. We pay anywhere from 340 a month to 994 a month for rv space. Some parks include elec and some you pay elec on top of the rent. We paid 81,000 for our 5th wheel and just bought a new truck to pull it with, which was another 35,000. We enjoy visiting the sights around the area where I am working. My husband is retired and he stays busy taking care of the 5th wheel, truck and our 2 dogs. let me know if you have further questions. Good luck and happy traveling if youi decide to hit the road.” – Nurse Dian

“I have been RVing to new assignments for two years now and love it. It allows me to take my own dishes (ok, china) and all of my own personal belongings without the hassel of constantly packing and unpacking and choosing what to leave behind. I own a 5th wheel with 4 pulls outs with a fireplace and everything. I use my relocation monies to have someone else pull it, set it up and I am ready to go. My dish is in the basement and it is set up in no time by the dish folks. I have an office, living room/dining room combo, great kitchen and a fab bedroom with cedar lined closets. My dogs and I coulldn’t ask for more. And when hubby comes to visit, it’s our own romantic getaway. Rolling Eyes” – Nurse Beth

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