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Office nurses work in care for patients that cannot make their way to the hospital such as, workplaces, physicians office’s, and much more in that category. But they also work in public clinics where they have to most activities. Office nurses take care of the injections and medication in physician offices, under the order and prescription of physicians.

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Some office nurses even assist in minor surgeries but with a little advance studying they can operate in bigger surgeries, but mainly only small surgeries assisting the physician. Most office nurse job is mainly a business job, they keep record of what goes on in the clinic or physicians office, also keeps record of the injuries that the patients come in with and help the doctor to treat them. They provide patients personally with minor injuries or illness, which they can handle with their level of education. Office nurses need well developed communication skills for this job, also the ability to observe and judge things right off hand with out any examination. Office nurses must be able to work as a team, all for one, and also supervise the jobs of others, keep an extra eye over everything and make sure it is in place. Office nurses should not have any emotional problems because of the intense nature of work.

The average pay of this nursing position is from $34,000 USD to $69,000 USD this is a great pay for raising a family and working at the same time. Office nurses have a variety of options when it comes to schools, they can take the American Academy of Ambulatory Care nursing under consideration as one of the best nursing schools for office nurses. Also before entering this school you must have become a registered nurse (RN) which you can earn by getting your nursing license. To earn this license you must have passed your entire test and taken a special class which can be found in your local nursing programs, nursing license are required in all fifty states in the United States and the District of Columbia.

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