Public Health Nurse Job Specifics

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Public health nurses main job is the keep the community they are assigned to healthy and safe, whether it be a individual, a family or a group of people coming together as one to learn, they teach the basics of being healthy and taking care of your body. This nursing careers is another easy one to get in all you need is your registered nurse permit, which can be attained by taking regular tests.

Public health nurses work in private and government places, some of them are, retirement communities, schools,and also some clinics. These public health nurses work in a lot of things but mainly work with individuals, groups of people or families to support the overall health care of the community in which they are assigned.

Public health nurses work in planing special occasions like free blood tests, pressure tests and a lot more health screenings that are available to the public. They also show and teach individuals, families and groups of un related people, the basics on health care, preventive care, child care and also nutrition for a healthy body.

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