Qualifications and Abilities of a Professional Nurse

Webster’s Dictionary defines a profession as “an occupation or calling requiring advanced training and experience in some specific or specialized body of knowledge which provides service to society in that special field”. The nursing profession is an occupation requiring a unique body of knowledge and skills and which serves society.

You should have the interest and willingness to work and learn with individuals/groups in a variety of settings. What a noble profession it is, and you should be proud to be in it.

The personal and professional proficiencies of a nurse include:
• a warm personality and genuine concern for people
• resourcefulness and creativity as well as a well-balanced emotional condition
• capacity and ability to work cooperatively with others
• initiative to improve self and others
• competence in performing work through the use of nursing process
• skill in decision-making, communicating and relating with others
• research oriented and
• active participation in issues confronting nurses and nursing.

You are also qualified to join the nursing profession if you have a license to practice nursing in your country. This license is being given by the state to passers of licensure examinations. There are nursing educational programs to choose from – nursing aide programs, vocational and RN courses.

The nursing profession has continued to be an essential part of all health and medical services around the globe. Join now and become one someday.

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