Rehab Nurse CRRN Exam Study Guides

Many nurses would like to proceed until rehabilitation nursing, which requires multiple proofs of education. First, the nurse needs a BSN, be a certified RN, and must have two years of experience before taking the Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) Exam.

Since it is so difficult to become certified, many nurses before sitting for the CRRN study for months before. That is why there are several uses study guides online and books on how to prepare so that you can be comfortable sitting for the CRRN.

One highly recommended book is Rehabilitation Nursing: Process, Applications, and Outcomes. It focuses as the important aspects of being a CRRN, such as holistic care for clients, rehabilitation concepts, implementation, and theories, as well as coping principles to best help the client.

The other book specially readies you for the CRRN exam: CRRN Exam Secrets Study Guide: CRRN Test Review for the Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse Exam. This covers every topic you will need to know for the CRRN, and offers different study strategies.

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