The Highest Level of Nursing Practice

The Highest Level of Nursing Practice

The topmost rank among the levels of nursing practice is to have a PhD; you can only attain this by studying a doctorate degree in Nursing. You cannot just attain this just by skipping other degrees, you should first consider taking a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree before proceeding to a doctorate degree.

Of course if you’re a nurse, it feels better to be a RN or a registered nurse; you can get that after passing the nursing licensure exam that is offered for graduating nursing students. But wouldn’t it feel so much better and more prestigious if you were carrying a PhD badge? To have a PhD is never easy; it entails determination, discipline and diligence. If you are planning to take a Doctor of Nursing Practice level, be sure you know what you’re getting in to because graduating with a PhD is not as easy as bachelor’s and master’s degree. The course normally includes clinical characteristic of nursing than academic study. This means that you go under advanced leadership practice; you apply what you’ve learned for you to become an advanced practice nurses.

There are several doctorate practices for nursing. You can take Doctors of Medicine or MD, or if you want to be more specific and you want to be a dentist, then I suggest you take Doctors of Dental Medicine. Other schools who offer doctorate degree have Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctors of Psychology, and a lot more. It’s your choice what you want to excel in. Surely, to have a doctorate degree will earn you respect and recognition in your workplace and everywhere you go.

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