The relation between the Levels of Nursing Practice and Nursing Education

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The relation between the Levels of Nursing Practice and Nursing Education

There are different levels of nursing practice that is related in the field of nursing education. One cannot just jump to the highest level of nursing practice without having to go to the process of formal education. Also these levels differentiates nurses from one another; skills and knowledge, description of jobs, salary, work shifts, participation in the hospital and a lot more. If you think that all nurses can be a doctor’s assistant, well think again.

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There is a ladder that signifies the step-by-step procedure in attaining the highest level. Getting to know the basics of care giving is probably the first step in nursing; you can attain that by a 2-month education as a certified nursing assistant. If you are a certified nursing assistant then you’ll probably be the one to help patients walk, reach something, help them go to bed or take another position, feed them.

LPNs or Licensed Practical Nurses on the other hand are different. LPNs progress in terms of their knowledge and skills compared to the CNAsor certified nursing assistants. Even though LPNs can do the things that normal CNAs do, they can also cover up wounds of patience, give alcohol massages, direct medications such as giving injections, analyze the progress of patients, and any other orders that a higher nursing rank can give. They still cannot take orders from doctors directly.

If you want to have the opportunity to work with doctors, I suggest you get registered. Registered nurses are those who pass the nursing licensure board exam. Their knowledge has been tested and so are their skills. They can work in hospitals to assist doctors in different operations; they also have the proper knowledge in making equipments work in the hospitals. Of course they are paid higher than CNAs and LPNs.

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