The Requirements of a Licensed Practical Nurse

In order to be a Licensed Practical Nurse or a LPN, one must undergo certain procedures to qualify for that position. There are test needed to be taken, first you must pass the practical nursing program which you can finish in just a year, a formal education is needed to gain knowledge about the basics and know-how of proper nursing. Look for a good school with a record of providing outstanding education to its nursing students so that you know you are getting the right nursing education needed to be a practical nurse.

If you think you’re done after you’ve finish the one-year practical nursing program, not yet. There is this NCLEX-PN or the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurse that you need to be in order to become a full licensed practical nurse or a LPN. The exam is computer-based and it includes the four topics specifically the safe and effective care environment, physiological integrity, promotion and maintenance of health and psychosocial integrity. All of these should have been studied during the one-year nursing program so be sure to have reviewed your subjects.

When it comes to personal characteristics of an LPN, one should be caring; you cannot serve others if you do not care about them or sympathize with them. One should not be too emotional or with no emotion at all; emotions should be stable so that a practical nurse can make objective observation and analysis about the patient’s condition.

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