HESI Exit Exam Facts

The Health Education System, Inc. or HESI have been giving exams to nursing students as a means to evaluate the current established nursing program. They assess the nursing students as to whether they are knowledgeable enough or are able to apply the different nursing concepts that are taught to them in certain situations.

Exit Exam Facts

There are different exams HESI provides: an Admissions exam to evaluate your chances of passing a nursing entrance exam, a custom exam to evaluate faculty specified nursing content, a specialty exam to evaluate specific clinical content, and the HESI Exit Exam that nursing students need to pass in order to become a qualified nurse.

The HESI Exit exam among all the tests given by the Health Education System, Inc. is by far the most important exam for any nursing students. The exam will evaluate whether you would be able to pass the NCLEX. Some hospitals would ask for your HESI Exit exam results if they would want to hire you in their staff so getting a good score in your exit exam is as important as taking the NCLEX.

Every nursing student must take the HESI Exit Exam as a pre-requisite before they graduate. Some schools do not allow any nursing students to graduate if they fail their HESI. A nursing student needs to prepare him or herself for the exam. The passing score of a HESI Exit exam differs with every school. So it is only wise for a student make sure that he or she is ready both physically and mentally to take the exam. Otherwise, it is advisable to take a break to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the exam.

HESI RN Exit Exam prep

The HESI RN exit exam is by far one of the most if not the most important step in your road to becoming an RN. The HESI RN exit exam is also one of the biggest fears of those studying to become an RN those in on site campuses and those attending online. So if The HESI RN exit exam has you a little bit freaked out, don’t worry, your not alone. Becoming an RN involves a lot of study and is a long journey, but it is well worth the trip for those who can finish it. And we are here to try and make that a little bit easier for you.

The HESI RN exit exam is a big deal, if not the biggest so we have gather some of the best study guides that we could find online to help you prepare for the HESI RN exit exam.


This is an nclex prep test but has a lot of the same questions and general information as the HESI RN exit exam and should help to give you an idea if you are really ready for the test yet. If not hopefully this will at least give you an idea of what you need to brush up on. Don’t assume because this prep test is nclex and not the HESI RN exit exam that if you don’t know something on it that it can slide, this is real close to the HESI RN exit exam. Here is a link with a whole bunch of other practice tests, http://www.4tests.com/exams/examdetail.asp?eid=78 none of these are as close of a match to the HESI RN exit exam, but will give you some more practice and ability. The biggest thing for most nurses to be taking the HESI RN exit exam, is really building up the confidence to do so. These practice tests can really help in providing the confidence needed to be relaxed and level headed while taking the HESI RN exit exam and help you perform to the best of your abilities.

Hesitest.com is a site where you can buy practice exams if you are looking for something that is a closer match to the HESI RN exit exam that you will see and need to complete. It is the closest match but it is a practice test you will have to purchase and not a free resource as the others.

When it comes down to it most who have taken the HESI RN exit exam over the past couple of years have said that if you paid attention, were competent as a student in your classes then you would likely have the knowledge necessary to pass the test. The real trick with the HESI RN exit exam is that you need to be sure and read the question fully, think about it, and then answer. Many of the questions on the HESI RN exit exam will seem to have 2 or even 3 right answers if taken in the wrong context. Don’t rush through the exam, take your time, there is often a limited score requirement and you can only take the HESI RN exit exam so often, so do it properly the first time. Good Luck.