The Education needed to be a Licensed Practical Nurse

There is a Nursing license examination for Practical nurses to obtain their license. For you to take that exam, you must first undergo a practical nursing training program that will last for about a year. Some schools and colleges offer this vocational course to students who wish to become an LPN or a licensed practical nurse.

There are a lot of schools offering a practical nursing program, however you must be wise in choosing the right school for you. Remember that you are just going to study for a year and you shouldn’t be wasting that short period of time on an education that is not worth it. Try studying in schools that are known for their nursing education. It is important to find a reliable school that will give your future a head start as a practical nurse. Moreover, it will more likely assure you a passing grade on the nursing licensure examination for practical nursing and be a licensed practical nurse or LPN.

In a normal classroom setting of a practical nursing program, students are being prepared for clinical practice or the proper care for patients. This will cover the basics of care giving as well as science subjects such as medical-surgical nursing, physiology, anatomy, pediatrics, psychiatric nursing, nutrition, and a lot more. There are different approach to nursing because people’s needs vary that’s why practical nursing students are being taught the basics of each fields so that they will be prepared when they ge to be LPNs and go out to work in clinics and hospitals.

Nurses Salary Information

Many nurses are employed on an hourly rate, which is overall a benefit to many nurses as there is often so much overtime available. The salary or hourly rate that is paid to a registered nurse can vary from state to state, we are going to go over the hourly wages of nurses in various states to help demonstrate the difference in pay from one state to another.

  • California Nurses Hourly Rate: $31.88
  • Florida Nurses Hourly Rate: $23.26
  • Georgia Nurses Hourly Rate: $23.83
  • Illinois Nurses Hourly Rate: $25.00
  • Pennsylvania Nurses Hourly Rate: $25.00
  • Tennessee Nurses Hourly Rate: $22.25
  • Texas Nurses Hourly Rate: $25.00

These rates are all based on an average of all nurses who were polled and all institutions that reported to help come up with our totals but can clearly demonstrate that nurses pay is relative to the cost of living in any given area.

Nursing Salary will depend on schooling and experience

Additionally in 2006 the US Census Bureau’s national survey showed that a RN (registered nurse) can earn on average $15k more year that an LPN (licensed practical nurse). This is a huge earning opportunity for any LPN that has 15 years or more till retirement. For example if you are an LPN nurse, with 15 years till retirement, that increase in pay translates to over $225,000 in additional salary, and thats not including any increase in pay for cost of living increases or advancement in the hospital.