The Rise of Employment for LPNs

There are many opportunities present for licensed practical nurses or LPNs. Their work is not limited to hospitals only, there are nursing homes and clinics that they can work with; schools hire licensed practical to ensure that the safety of their students is secured especially those facing accidents and wounds which an LPN can accommodate by providing proper nursing.

It is said that the employment rate for Licensed Practical Nurses will increase by 14 percent between YR 2006 to 2016. Health care institutions are increasing therefore demand for licensed nurses or LPNs is evident. Since there is a spread of advanced technology, the work of physicians, other doctors and nurses are not limited in walls of a hospital; some clinics, emergency medical centers and personal offices of physicians have been established to perform some duties that are also done in hospitals.

If medical companies are increasing, therefore nurses and doctors too are in demand all over the world. Many nursing graduates in the Philippines go international due to the demands or nurses abroad. Also, the pay is much higher compared to their domestic country. People age no matter how they tend to slow aging that’s why nurses will always be in demand because patients demand to be cared for. If you are a licensed practical nurse, your education and your license will back you up when it comes to job-hunting; medical industries are searching for nurses who know not just the basic of care giving someone who is equipped with the proper nursing skills such as doing laboratory test, injections to patients, dressing wounds of patients, and analyzing the patient’s conditions.

Your First Job as a Nurse

December 11, 2008 by  
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As a neophyte to the career, nursing students must be well oriented to the nature of their first jobs as true and professional nurses. Nursing and becoming a nurse need extensive support from the school you were into. Students must be properly guided with all the undertakings a novice nurse should encounter. Have a mindset of your own. If you don’t want to fail in your first job and get disappointment as well, consider the following factors before pursuing on to the job:

1. The nature and background of the employer and the company. Turn- over rates can indicate the efficiency of the employer to new nurses. Do not hesitate to ask about the turn-over rates of the employers. 20% or higher turnovers are significantly acceptable.
2. Orientation from the company. This will indicate how effective the company can guide you through your first years as a nurse. Preceptor programs are likewise must be observed. Preceptors are mentors for first time nurses to familiarize themselves with the hospital setting including standard procedures, use of equipments and hospital routines. He or she must be helpful in assisting you towards your first years.
3. Ask about support on adjusting to the nature of the job especially conquering emotional stress.
4. Observe on the totality of the hospital’s system. This will give you a closer look on the overall nature of the company. This will also provide you with the idea of the flow of the work.
5. Ask if you are going to be assigned in a specialty unit first. Specialty units can prepare the first time nurse to handle a broader sense of the nursing profession. Nursing and becoming a nurse must undergo a level on the intensity of tasks.
6. Ask yourself if you are really ready for the job. Nursing and becoming a nurse have to prepare you as a competitive and well- rounded nurse.