Becoming a Registered Nurse

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There are more than one way to become a registered nurse (RN). One can either take a Diploma in Nursing course which is a degree usually awarded by hospital based schools or Associate of Science in Nursing which are usually awarded by community colleges or taking a four year nursing course to earn a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. If one has gone through any of those three nursing courses, one is eligible to take the NCLEX for RN.

NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is an exam developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing in the United States to test the nursing skill of an examinee. Unless one passes this exam, one cannot obtain a license in order to work in the field of nursing. Questions asked during these exams are mainly topics regarding knowledge, analysis and application of nursing theories at entry level. Questions are usually in multiple choice but recently there are broad questions are asked that require more detailed answers.

If one passes the NCLEX and becomes a registered nurse, it doesn’t end there. One can go on to take advance courses for nursing specialization. Some of the fields in nursing specialization includes surgical nursing, forensic nursing or a nursing educator to name a few. The basic salary for registered nurses average around 30k to 50k a year but nurses who have specialization can receive up to 75k to 100k a year. Currently with the shortage of nurses, it isn’t really difficult to find a job in the nursing field.

Registered Nurse Job Specifics

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A registered nurse is a professional of health caring the have the responsibility of making the practice. They work to help the patients, take care of them and help them to get better form their sicknesses. They use the RNs nursing process to make plans, add on, and examine nursing care of ill and hurt people. In order to reach the level of being a registered nurse, you have to complete a process program noticed by those of the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Also, you must achieve a diploma or degree.

Registered nurses evaluate the health problems of the patients, formulate and apply the nursing care plans, the maintain and manage the medical records, dividing the situations of the patients into groups such as:





They also may give patients advice on health maintenance like:

*certified registered nurses

*nurse practitioners

*clinical nurse specialist.. etc.

These registered nurses have education and practice the specialized post basic things and are in the specialized roles. There are some requirements of educational and licensure that are needed:

*A Hospital diploma program

*The program of Masters Entry

*A 2 year college degree

*A Certificate for nursing board, etc.

When a person decides that they want to become a registered nurse they have to put their mind to it and achieve their goals. It is not very hard to find a nursing job, but also u must have all of the requirements needed and comply with the obligations of the nursing institution where one decides to work. It may not always be easy to get along with all the nurses the first couple of days, but as time goes by you can grow and have a stronger relationship in which you can share your knowledge, ideas, ways of working and helping others, and other things. Registered nurses help the patients who are interned and give them advise, and take care of them the best way they can.