Becoming a Nurse – LPN or RN

The field of nursing is promising if you want to find a job that pays well. There is a shortage of nurses and as the population grows, the need for more and more nurses will continue to rise thereby ensuring you can find a job with ease.

How does one become a nurse? One can either take nursing courses in becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN). If you want a fast course then take a licensed practical nursing course. Usually these courses can be finished within a year. Registered nurses take more time to finish usually up to four years. But before one can obtain a license to practice nursing, one has to take a nursing exam called NCLEX. These exams are usually administered twice a year in the USA and its territories like Guam. More recently Mexico and the Philippines were granted the right to hold these exams.

What do you learn in nursing courses? They teach you anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, psychology, medical ethics, nursing theory and legal matters pertaining to nursing. Clinical training is an important part in the road to nursing. Nursing students are required to apprentice in hospitals and clinics under strict supervision to insure what they do is correct.

Registered nurses usually earn much more than licensed practical nurses due to the broader nursing knowledge they acquired during college. Specialist registered nurses are the ones who get the best salaries but they need to do additional studies before they can be certified in their field of specialization.

LPN to RN Programs Online

A lot of nurses to be have problems going from LPN to RN, for many it is a problem of having too few resources. Such is the case with having to go through this program with a community college in which it can take a couple of years, and be much more difficult then it really needs to be. Living in the age of technology we have a new option, many courses are offered online to help with a LPN to RN program, this is an outstanding opportunity and often speed up the process by, at the very least, several months. Becoming an RN can be a big step and we are hoping that the information that we provide can help you take the steps necessary to get the career you are looking for.

LPN to RN online programs are available on a local and foreign base, we have found a couple of schools that offer both and both have received high reviews, but the links we provide are merely examples an we advise you to do all of the necessary research on any LPN to RN program you choose before enrolling into it. Not all LPN to RN programs are a perfect match for all students, even some of the online ones may require more time than you have available, so please be sure and research the LPN to RN program.

Be sure to sign up as early as possible for the LPN to RN program you choose to go with, many of these programs are filled very quickly and very far in advance. I know of many onsite schools that offer a program to take students from LPN certification to RN certification that has 40 seats per year, and receives more than 500 applicants. This is why it is very important to enroll as early as possible. is a great online resource for advancing your RN certification, or receiving it. Offering programs for all levels as well as a bachelor’s degree program in nursing. Few colleges on site or online can offer as much as Chamberlain, but as with all schools we suggest or link to please review their programs to be sure that they fit your needs and schedule.