What a Licensed Practical Nurse Does

LPN or a licensed practical nurse can also be called LVN or a licensed vocational nurse. You can finish an LPN course in about a year, which means you get to earn immediately because you only study for a short period of time. If you think that Licensed practical nurses are not in demand in the society, there are many countries looking for LPNs to work at nursing homes and hospitals as well. Make sure to study in a school that will give you superb education about nursing so that even if you’ve studied for a short period of time, you are sure you’re getting the proper education needed to face the demands of society.

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Licensed practical nurses not only know the basics of nursing but also does more technical work than just washing the patients, helping them walk, eat, and a lot more. They are reliable when it comes to giving injections and massages to the patients. Also, they can check the progression of the patients; vital signs, laboratory tests, and other improvements that they can note down. Their analysis counts.

However, a licensed practical nurse cannot take orders from doctors, only to those nurses who have a higher rank than them. Once a licensed practical nurse is considered an expert, he or she can now supervise nursing assistants.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report last May 2006, those licensed practical nurses who work abroad more or less earn a median annual salary of $31,080 to $46,640. That’s a big money for a short period of education.

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