What RNs do that LPNs can’t?

While the duties of the LPN can be seen as almost similar to the RNs, it is not easy to see the things that RNs do that LPN can’t.

While LPNs can administer medications and perform simple and complicated procedures, they still need to be under the supervision of a physician or an RN to do so. Where as RNs can perform these tasks without the supervision of a physician or a supervising RN. The training of an RN is far more thorough than the training of an LPN, that’s why RNs can work, unsupervised while the LPNs can’t.

RNs can become health consultants and can work get managerial positions whereas LPNs cannot. Since the LPN has limited training, they lack the experience needed to get into a higher position. The LPN do most of the hands on duties of a nurse, from simple procedures to complicated ones, they usually do not make the patient’s reports. The duty lies with the RNs.

Becoming an LPN has been a commonly used stepping stone to become an RN. Most people would usually take up a LPN program, get experience in work and while working, continue with their studies to become RNs.

So for LPNs to get into a higher position or get better opportunities, they need to continue to the next level and get into an RN program. RNs have a bigger choice range when it comes to the next step of their education. They could either take up MSN or become more specialized in a particular field of nursing.

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