Who enrolls in the University of Phoenix Online Nursing Programs?

medical instrymentsWho enrolls in the University of Phoenix Online Nursing Programs?

Some think that online education is a totally individual or isolated effort. With the University of Phoenix Online Nursing Programs, this is hardly the case. The school implements teamwork where virtual teams of students interact and get to work with each other for projects.

Aside from any one student submitting his assignment, he is also encouraged to work with others in a team for a certain course-long project. The University of Phoenix (UoP) promotes teamwork skills by building collaborations among team members regardless of their location.

Most of the students targeted by the UoP for its online education programs are adults that have been working for around 5 years already. These people have been quite focused on their current careers for some time, and now they are considering pursuing their education by enrolling online.

The classes are designed so that the students are not required to attend on set times or schedules. This way, the UoP will be able to assist people in advancing their education despite their hectic work schedules. But not to be misunderstood, the UoP requires the enrollees to log in four times every week to participate in the classes or discussions. Assignments will also have to be posted every week. The flexibility lies in the fact that the students get to choose their own days and time.

People who usually take any of the University of Phoenix Online Nursing Programs are:
– Those who are in the health care industry already and would like to advance their careers
– Those who would like to continue their nursing education to pursue the career
– Those who are shifting careers or industries

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